When was Longchamp founded ?

Longchamp is 60 years old. The brand story began in 1948 when Jean Cassegrain, the father of today's President, founded the company.

* What does the horse in the logo stand for ?

There is a famous horse race track in Paris called Longchamp.

Just next door to it was an old mill that the founder of Longchamp called Cassegrain - which means ""miller"" in French - used to pass in front of.

The company soon found its name: it being only a short trot from the mill to the miller and onto the race track, itself named Longchamp or ""long field""... the way was fore trod!

* How do I place an online order?

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* How do I pay for order?

We accept credit cards: Visa, West Union and JCB Card.

* My credit card was declined, what now?

There are several reasons for a declined credit card transaction. The most common reason is that the address you entered is not the same address on your credit card. If this happens, try again with the correct billing address.

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* How to get wholesale price?

If you purchase over $500, we can offer you wholesale price. And you should talk with our customer service. The wholesale price depends on the quantity of your order.

* How fast do we ship?

With our standard delivery service we aim to ship all orders received before noon (EST) on the same day; orders received afternoon may be shipped on the next business day.

* Where are Longchamp products made?

Most Longchamp Products are made in France, in the company's workshops (in particular in Segré and Maine et Loire, France).

*  When do the new collections come out?

There are two new collections a year.

The Spring Summer collection is available in February and the Fall Winter collection is available at the end of July.

Our latest collection is presented on-line, click on Catalogue .

*  Where does the leather Longchamp uses come from?

Our leather comes mainly from France, Italy and Uruguay.
  We are very particular about how we select it. Our treating modes and sorting criteria are exclusive to Longchamp.